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This is a one time fee for your custom consultation. this fee is non refundable. This consultation is made to discuss the details of your custom items or look. One consultation per look is required. You can not or may not use this consultation fee to go towards any other custom or any other fees/balance regarding any services provided by Mumin McBride LLC. Once this fee is paid you are free to contact me and discuss anything regarding your custom order or items you are look to get made through Dm,(Instagram) Facebook messenger, text, email, or etc on the date that you have chosen for your consultation. If you miss your time slot or you are late more than 15 minutes you will have to re-book through the site and pay another consultation fee. I urge you to please be on time if you do not wish to re-book and pan an additional fee. This consultation fee covers for over the phone to discuss exact details and pricing for your custom order. Measurements will also be taken if in person, if not you are required to be ready to provide measurements on this date of consultation chosen by you so that this process isn't slowed down for any reason. if you have any questions after consultation is paid feel free to contact me on any platform inside of my operating hours. Tuesday -Saturday 9am -5pm.    

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